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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Donald Trump - Very interesting fairly short biography of success ... Thx Joe P a friend to Dr. Ralph H!

Joe Parish has gathered some very good data.

Subject: Your Edification - - Mr. Donald J. Trump


  • Donald John Trump, was  born June 14, 1946.   
  • He will be 70 years old  on election day.     
  • From the Internet, he is  6'2" or 6'3' and weighs between 195 and 200 lbs.   
  • He has a full head of  blond/brown hair (which is long and elaborately combed) and blue  eyes.   
  • The Internet tells us he  wears a size 12 shoe. 

  • Donald Trump was born  the fourth of five children who were born over eleven years.   
  • The oldest, Mary Ann,  was born in 1937 and is currently a Federal Judge.     
  • His older brother, Fred  Jr, died in early adulthood as a result of complications from  alcoholism.   
  • He has another older  sister, Elizabeth and a younger brother, Robert.     
  • Donald Trump has been  married three times.   
  • Trump's first wife,  Ivana, was an immigrant from Czechoslovakia and a divorcee who has  been married 4 times in her life. She is a life long avid skier  and worked in design at the Trump  Organization.   
  • Marla Maples, Trump's  second wife is an actress and model   
  • Trump's third wife,  Melania is an immigrant from Slovenia (born in Yugoslavia) and has  been a super model.     
  • Two of Trump's children,  Donald Jr and Ivanka, have gone to Penn. Son Eric, went to  Georgetown.   
  • Donald Trump tells us  that he is Presbyterian.     
  • Donald Trump  does  not appear to have had any interest in occults, mysticism or  exotic mythologies.   
  • Donald Trump's oldest  daughter, Ivanka, and her three children are Jewish.   
  • Trump's oldest daughter,  Ivanka, is married to Jared Kushner who is, among other things, a  newspaper publisher. The Kushner family is very successful in New  York City area real estate.   
  • Donald's grandmother,  mother, first wife, and third wife are all immigrants.  

  • Donald Trump was born  and raised in Queens NY   
  • Though his family was  very wealthy, Trump's boyhood home in the Jamaica Estates section  of Queens was not a grand mansion. The Trump home was a larger  version of the homes Fred Trump was building for his tenants.   
  • There are no indications  that the Trump family lived among the wealthy elites on vacations  or country clubs.   
  • Queens is the largest of  New York's five boroughs and the most ethnically diverse.   
  • Trump attended a local  private day school, the Kew Forrest  School, in Queens until about 8th grade.   
  • His secondary schooling  was at New York Military  Academy which is about 60 miles  north of NYC in Cornwall on the Hudson. He was the class of  1964.   
  • Trump was never a  "Preppie".   
  • Trump never embraced any  aspect of the "Hippie" movement of the time.   
  • Trump was a very good  high school athlete - football, soccer, and especially baseball.  He had potential to become a professional baseball player.   
  • Even in high school -  Trump liked women and women liked him   
  • Trump was generally  popular in high school.   
  • Trump's boarding school  room mate liked him.   
  • He attended Fordham  University in NYC for two years and transferred to the University  of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business.   
  • At that time, the  Wharton School offered a rare program for Real Estate Business.      
  • Though he was of age,  Donald Trump did not serve in Vietnam.   
  • He was not drafted due  to bone spurs in his heels (4F) and also student deferments.   
  • Ultimately, in the draft  lottery, he drew a high number. 

  • By all we know, Donald  Trump does not smoke, drink or use recreational drugs. He'll be  the first President in more than 25 years who hasn't smoked  weed.   
  • BTW: Trump's children  don't smoke or drink   
  • Trump makes it well  known that he enjoys sexual interaction with women.   
  • I am unaware that Donald  Trump is a recreational gambler.   
  • His doctor publicly  announced Donald to be in excellent  health.

I think  that to really know Donald Trump, you must know his family  background.

  The Trump  family story is a very American story.

Trump  family history - concise version.

  • Donald Trump's  grandparents immigrated to the U.S. from Alsace (Kallstadt,  Germany) which throughout history has been alternately French and  German. The Trumps are German, originally speaking the same German  dialect as the Amish of Lancaster County, PA.    
  • His maternal  grandparents lived in Scotland.     
  • Freiderich (Drumph)  Trump made a small but respectable fortune in the late 19th  Century in the mining boom towns of the American Northwest.   
  • He returned to Germany  to marry his childhood neighbor, Elizabeth Christ.   
  • The newly married Trumps  resettled in the Borough of Queens NY   
  • Freidrich was  establishing a Real Estate business in Queens when he died  suddenly at age 49 (1918).   
  • In 1920, at the age of  15, Fred Trump (Freiderich's son and Donald's father), started a  business partnership with his widowed mother called Elizabeth Trump &  Son.   
  • This business was built  upon the real estate holdings that his father,Frederich, had  amassed (worth about $500,000.00 in today's dollars). This is the  original "seed money" of the current Trump  Organization.   
  • Elizabeth & Fred  remained close business partners her entire life (she died in  1966).   
  • In 1936 Fred Trump (age  31) married Mary Ann MacLeod (age 24) of Stoneaway Scotland.   
  • During the depression,  Fred Trump built and successfully operated a supermarket (a new  concept at the time) which was sold to King Kullen  Co. and operates this day.   
  • Fred Trump made a lot of  money building housing for the military during WWII.     
  • Fred Trump was  investigated by the Justice Department for making "excessive  profits" from government contracts.   
  • All (or nearly all) of  the building of Elizabeth Trump &  Son's non government building  was residential property in Queens.   
  • Fred Trump died in 1999  (age 94) - beloved and worth between $250 million and $300  million. His wife died a year later. 
    "The  Donald's" career"

      Donald  Trump is the greatest career achiever of the "baby boomer"  generation.

      Donald  Trump has reached the zenith in his careers as book author, TV  entertainer, sports entertainer, Real Estate developer, and  currently politician.

    Donald Trump has  authored more than 18 books. At least one of them, The Art of the  Deal was  a top seller.   
  • Donald says that  the Holy  Bibleis  his favorite book. The Art of the  Deal is  his 2nd favorite book. And The Power of Positive  Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale  is his third favorite book.   
  • He likes golf. Donald  Trump has developed more than 11 golf courses which bear his  name.   
  • Donald Trump has twice  been nominated for an Emmy Award   
  • Donald Trump has a star  on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.   
  • Donald Trump has been  inducted to the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame.   
  • Donald Trump has  appeared in more than a dozen movies such as Home Alone 2, Zoolander,  and Little Rascals     
  • Donald Trump has been a  guest actor in more than 6 TV shows such as Fresh Prince of Bel Air,  Days of Our Lives, Sex and the City, and others.   
  • Trump has been the  Executive Producer of 7 TV shows.   
  • Trump has been the guest  host of 5 TV shows such as Extra, Larry King Live,  and Saturday Night Live and more.   
  • Donald Trump has been co  producer of the longest running reality TV show.   
  • Donald Trump performed  in several WWE wrestling shows.   
  • Donald performed in  Wrestlemania 23 which set attendance records and revenue records  up til that time.     
  • In his first candidacy  for public office, Donald Trump received the most popular votes  for the President of the United States out of a field of  experienced and successful politicians. And in most cases, he  achieved this with less money than any of his opponents. 

    Keeping in  mind that 90% of start up businesses fail, Trump's record of  enterprise is nothing short of amazing.

    Donald  Trump has enjoyed success in at least 11 very different enterprises:  Professional football, Ice Skating rinks, Fragrance, Ice, Steaks,  Wines, Model management, Airline, blenders, Men's wear, Bicycle  races, world class beauty contests, and many others. In some of  these, such as model management, his firm has risen to the top of  that particular industry. 
  • There are 31 buildings  that bear his name.   
  • The largest private real  estate development in New York is Trump Riverside. Drive down the  Henry Hudson Blvd. - you can't miss them.   
  • There are at least 12  Trump Towers   
  • There are at least 6  Trump Plazas.   
  • There are at least 11  Trump Golf Course developments     
  • And much, much, more in  real estate.   
  • Trump Entertainment,  casinos and resorts was recently sold to Carl Ichan.   
  • Donald Trump's personal  managing of the Wollman Ice Skating Rink project in the early  1980's is the quintessential case study for MBA students in  Wharton, Harvard, and other business schools. His performance  there was phenomenal.   
  • Donald Trump's privately  held businesses have employed more than 200,000 people.   
  • In the casino business  in Atlantic City, Trump had to do business with known mobsters -  and he stayed "clean" and alive.   
  • Aside from his personal  investments, Donald Trump has never been a Wall Street  "player". 

The  Political Trump:

about 1967  - 1987 - Democrat (he was a supporter of Ronald  Reagan)

1987 -  1999 - Republican

1999 -  2001 - Reform Party (he supported Ross  Perot)

2001 -  2009 - Democrat

2009 -  2011 - Republican

2011 -  2012 - Independent

2012 -  Present - Republican

Donald  Trump was openly supportive of Mitt Romney's  candidacy.

Donald  Trump does not seem to hold political party organizations in high  regard.

For the  most part, his political involvement has been for practical  reasons.

Donald  Trump does not appear to be held to political ideology.

Some  of my take aways:
  • Trump has an  extraordinarily energetic central nervous system much like Teddy  Roosevelt but more targeted to industry and enterprise.   
  • Trump's presidency will  be very energetic, transparent, and communicative.   
  • Trump will be a very  hard working President.   
  • His interaction with his  older brother (who everybody loved) tells me that he thinks that  everybody is like him - or wants to be - or should be.   
  • His relationship with  his older brother was a hard lesson in tolerance for him.   
  • Trump is the Babe Ruth  of career achievements.     
  • He is dumb like a fox.  When you think he just said something stupid - he didn't. It's  just that you were not his target audience.   
  • Trump knows the people -  the folk.   
  • His son, Donald Jr. is  right. Trump is a "Blue Collar Billionaire".   
  • More than anything, his  TV show, The  Apprentice, was his passion. He wants  all Americans to have confidence (like he does) to venture.   
  • Donald Trump is  attracted to and marries smart, high achieving women.   
  • The highest levels of a  Trump Administration is certain to have many women - and they will  be bright and assertive.   
  • Donald Trump's children  are very important to him. And it shows.

PS.   Yet, we know nothing of our current president - even after  two terms in  office.

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