Why Trump’s Campaign Is So Important for America

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Rear view of businessman looking at ruins of city
Trump’s campaign has left a trail of metaphorical destruction in its wake. The traditional GOP approach has failed, everyone involved in politics has been bluntly criticized for their shortcomings which has produced the most intense left vs right election the country has ever seen.
Donald Trump’s polarizing approached has caused the Democrats to rally behind a candidate they hate. One who has proven to be a dangerous mix of incompetent and corrupt.
Defeating the Liberal Agenda
This seems like the obvious reason to support Trump. Many Republicans are far from in love with his platforms and blunt speech and attitude. Rather than seeing him as the “lesser of two evils,” as some RHINO’s have argued, it is important to understand what policies he will directly and deliberately oppose. The left’s main issues on the campaign come in three parts: economics, ethics and security.
Let’s start with economics. Thanks to Bernie Sanders, Hillary has officially adopted higher minimum wage and “free” college to her campaign. Many economists can reasonably argue that a small raise in the federal minimum wage would be following recent inflation and is justifiable.
Just shy of 100 percent of economists agree that a federal limit of $15 an hour, which is what the left has adopted, is reckless, dangerous and will likely bankrupt America.
While a handful of regions, like Silicon Valley, might be able to sustain that wage, there is no question that the rural communities, comprising roughly a third of the American population, cannot sustain such a high starting wage.
As for “free” college, subsidizing tuition is what created the high cost of education in the first place. Further subsidies would raise tuition by an estimated 300 percent in only 4 years. That’s just too much tax burden. Trump, despite his character flaws, has the economic sense to know these facts and oppose these issues with all of his might.
Ethics is the next major issue. Have you noticed the not-so-subtle position taken by the left to claim moral superiority on every issue? It isn’t pro-choice anymore; it’s “women’s reproductive rights.” The biggest place they claim the moral high ground is in respect to treatment of minorities.
Obama has all but officially endorsed Black Lives Matter and all of their stances, so let’s take a closer look at that. Black Lives Matters runs under 12 “guiding principles”, and chief among them is their determination to “disrupting the Western-prescribed nuclear family.”
They don’t think that children should be raised by a mother and father anymore. Ironically, all experts are in agreement that the destruction of the black family is what put them in the poverty stricken, crime ridden situation that afflicts them today.
Currently, only 34 percent of black children grow up with two parents. The left wants to take this to 0 percent, exacerbating a host of problems that have an easy, traditional solution.
Finally, we have security. The Obama administration has completely devastated our relationship with the Middle East and Russia.
You might recall the majority of Middle Eastern countries supported and even contributed to our invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. But Obama’s hasty, poorly planned withdrawal strengthened ISIS and destroyed the cooperative, working relationship we had with most of those countries.
Trump has made it clear that he is willing to work with Russia to a degree that America has never seen. He’ll keep NATO in line and rebuild a tattered relationship that is currently the greatest threat to our national security.
Furthermore, he would be willing to join Russia in a full-fledged takedown of ISIS, giving the Middle East its first real chance for peace in decades. Hillary, on the other hand, will follow in Obama’s footsteps and keep pouring gasoline on the raging flames.
Win or Lose
Even if Trump loses, his candidacy is important by virtue of its abnormal and nearly unpredictable success. He has made it abundantly clear that the GOP needs change.
He hasn’t attacked the traditional values of free markets, small government and upholding a moral America, but he has completely abandoned tiptoeing as a way to not offend liberals. They can be offended and still be wrong, and being blunt about it has made it easy for him to confront them on their most misguided agendas.
Whatever happens this November, Trump has pointed out the glaring weaknesses in the GOP, and adaptation is the only way to survive. If done correctly, the party can heal these wounds and come back stronger than ever. If not, we can look forward to a long reign of liberal destruction, pushing reckless changes in the name of “moral superiority.”
~American Liberty Report