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"Wars are planned by old men,in council rooms apart. They plan for greater armament, they map the battle chart, but: where sightless eyes stare out, beyond life's vanished joys, I've noticed,somehow, all the dead and mamed are hardly more than boys(Grantland Rice per our mutual friend, Sarah Rapp)."

Thanks Jack!

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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Kaepernick ... Thx Colonel West, Joe P, Dr. Raplh H, and Sarah R!

Subject:  Kaepernick


>  I believe this is the best article ever written
> about this clown Kaepernick. Colonel West hit the ball
> out of the park with his
> insightful assessment of behavior. Please note the
> remarks made in the last few paragraphs

>   SPEECH...................
> Message from a non-oppressed black man to
>   Colin Kaepernick…
> By Allen West1:44pm August 28, 2016
> If there’s
>   one thing I live for, it’s football season, especially
> college. Saturday night
>   I was enjoying a fantastic game between Charleston
> Southern University and
>   North Dakota State University. The game went into overtime
> and ended with the
>   Bison of NDSU winning 24-17. However, as I watched this
> thrilling game, it was
>   an item on the ESPN news ticker that disturbed me — to
> which I see a need to
>   respond to this “teachable moment.”
> As reported yesterday, San
>   Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick refused to
> stand for the National
>   Anthem in Friday’s pre-season game against Green Bay
> because he was protesting
>   “black oppression” in the United States. The Niners
> went on to
>   lose.
> The NFL issued a statement that said players are encouraged
> but
>   not required to stand for the national anthem. Hmm, this
> is the same NFL that
>   refused to allow the Dallas Cowboys to wear a helmet decal
> in honor of the
>   fallen Dallas Police officers gunned down on Thursday July
> 7th.
> This is
>   the same NFL that said nothing when players from the St.
> Louis Cardinals
>   displayed the false narrative symbol of “hands up, dont
> shoot” — which we know
>   didn’t happen. I find it rather interesting that the NFL
> has no issue
>   disrespecting law enforcement officers but only
> “encourages” players to
>   respect the symbol of our nation, the American flag, and
> our anthem, the Star
>   Spangled Banner.
> However, I would recommend a simple scripture from the
>   wise King Solomon for Mr. Kaepernick, Proverbs 17:28
> (NIV): “Even fools are
>   thought wise if they keep silent, and discerning if they
> hold their
>   tongues.”
> Or, as the old folks down South would say, “best for a
> stupid
>   person to keep their mouth shut and not open it and let
> everyone know they
>   are.”
> Mr. Kaepernick, a bi-racial young man adopted and raised by
> white
>   parents, claims America is oppressing blacks at a time
> when we have a black,
>   bi racial president who was twice elected. We’ve had two
> black attorneys
>   general and currently have a black secretary of homeland
> security, along with
>   a black national security advisor. Here in Dallas our
> police chief, whom I
>   know, is an outstanding black leader. The officer in
> Milwaukee who shot the
>   armed assailant after issuing an order to drop his weapon
> was black. Is Mr.
>   Kaepernick following suit and cherry-picking what he terms
> “oppression?” First
>   of all, let me clarify to you sir, you are a
> multi-millionaire “one-percenter”
>   just because you can throw a ball and kiss your biceps.
> Men like Jesse Owens,
>   Jackie Robinson, Hank Aaron, Oscar Robertson, Ernie Davis,
> and Bernard King
>   and Condredge Halloway of my alma mater were athletes who
> knew of oppression.
>   You sir may certainly have the right to sit upon your
> “fourth point of
>   contact” when the National Anthem is played but never
> forget, you live in a
>   nation that has provided you the privilege to have that
> right.
> My story
>   is one I wish to share. My dad was a corporal in the U.S.
> Army and served
>   during World War II. He was born in 1920 and knew
> oppression. Yet, when he sat
>   me down on the steps of our home, 651 Kennesaw Ave NE in
> Atlanta, he shared
>   with me that there was no greater honor or privilege, than
> to wear the uniform
>   of these United States. Perhaps that ‘s why his first
> and middle sons, along
>   with his grandson, are all U.S. combat veterans, just like
> Dad. Herman West
>   Sr. was not a victim, and he raised men who would never
> allow anyone to
>   suppress or oppress them. Perhaps you should stop trying
> to make victims and
>   admonish people, black people, to be victors — try it,
> and you may find that
>   more satisfying than your insidious action and word
> vomiting.
> If you
>   want to know about oppression of blacks in America, past
> and present, how
>   about you ask Rep. Nancy Pelosi of the San Fran Bay Area
> about the policies
>   that decimated the black family? Maybe you can cross the
> Bay over to Oakland
>   and ask Rep. Barbara Lee about the 13 to15 million black
> babies killed since
>   1973, and ask her who is Margaret Sanger?
> Or perhaps you can ask the
>   two California senators, Boxer and Feinstein, about who
> doesn’t support better
>   education opportunities for black children in the inner
> cities — school
>   choice, vouchers, charter schools, home schooling.
> Perhaps you didn’t
>   know Barack Obama was the one who cancelled the DC school
> voucher program for
>   deserving young black children — talk about oppression.
> Is that something
>   you’re willing to do, or is it just too difficult?
> You should look at
>   who’s been controlling the communities and cities where
> blacks live. This
>   isn’t not about what America has done; it’s about what
> a certain group, a
>   political party has done. And your somewhat backhanded
> comment towards our law
>   enforcement officers — well, wonder how many times San
> Francisco PD has
>   protected you?
> Here is the deal young man. My recommendation is that
>   you apologize. Be a stand up fella and admit you made a
> very stupid comment.
>   Humbly state that you do realize how very special this
> country is and the
>   opportunities it has afforded you — and many others. You
> should take that
>   stand and apologize to all of those who are currently
> serving in our Armed
>   Forces and those veterans who’ve been willing to make
> that last full measure
>   of devotion. You see, when the National Anthem is played,
> it has a very
>   special meaning to us — maybe you should take a hiatus
> and go over to Helmand
>   Province in Afghanistan and spend a week and understand
> why. Go over and throw
>   a football with the men and women who enable you to earn
> those millions of
>   dollars.
> The American flag has a very touching meaning for those of
> us
>   for whom it will drape our coffin — as it was for my
> Dad…and it will be for
>   me. That song defines who we are as a proud and
> exceptional people. This is a
>   land where so many dream of coming to and earning the
> title of American. Your
>   actions were shameful, disgusting, despicable and
> disrespectful.
> You do
>   have a right and a freedom of expression. But know, there
> are consequences to
>   your ignorant action, which is what it was.
> When the National Anthem is
>   played, I salute because I am a black man born and raised
> in the inner city
>   afforded the opportunity for greatness in my own right.
> May you seek God’s
>   forgiveness and find humility, because we, the people are
> not going to forget
>   what you did and said.
>   ACTIONS.....
> The media won't tell us this. Turns out Kaepernick is
>   engaged to a Muslim woman who is a BLM activist. In the
> off season he
>   converted to Islam. She appears to be radicalizing him by
> looking at his
>   Instagram and other accounts. He is a VERY angry man and
> should be watched.
>   His actions now are making sense!!
> ISLAM is EVIL and spreading like
>   wildfire!!! OUR flag means everything to American's
> Don't
>   like it. LEAVE!!!

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