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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Blue Collar White men swinging the vote totrump ... Thx Newsmax!

My daddy was blue collar and so was my home town of Portsmouth Ohio.  Those are the salt of the earth tea party types who will win this election for Donald trump.  I cannot stand that crooked Hillary Clinton!

Image: Dick Morris: Blue Collar Whites Swing Big Time to TrumpSam Kegley

Dick Morris: Blue Collar Whites Swing Big Time to Trump

(AP Images)
By Dick Morris   |   Thursday, 27 Oct 2016 02:15 PM
The latest Fox News poll shows Donald Trump only 3 points behind Hillary Clinton, after reporting the week before that he lagged by 6 points and before that by 7 points, but an analysis of the data indicates that the shift is animated by a big swing by white blue collar voters to Trump.
White men who have only a high school education backed Trump by 16 points in the Fox News poll one week ago, now support him by an amazing 30 points — a gain of 14 in Trump's direction.
Among women high school graduates who have no college, Trump's margin has swelled by 7 points in the same period.
These late swings are precisely what we predicted in our book "Armageddon: How Trump Can Beat Hillary." Normally, these downscale voters are the base of the Democratic Party. Because they pay less attention to the political process, they often decide only late in the race who to support.
The phenomenon is known in politics as the Democrats "coming home" as they switch from undecided to the Democratic candidate in the elections' final weeks.
But this time, they are Trump supporters and their last minute conversion to his candidacy is exactly what he needs to reverse Hillary's momentum going into the election.
The Fox News data is convincing. In their Oct. 17 poll, white men who had only a high school education backed Trump 48 percent to 32 percent. But one week later, their support swelled to 59-29.
Among similarly situated white women, Trump's margin grew from 58-31 to 56-22, a net gain of 7 points.
The shift of blue collar voters to Trump is likely to continue through Election Day and could be the factor that tips the election in the Republican's direction.
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