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Thanks Jack!

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Sunday, October 2, 2016

SamKat voting comments before 2016 election

I don't know who said that no system of laws was ever devised that clever people could not get  around the intent.

America had a system; however, those who benefited much more than those of us in the proletariat, have conveniently circumvented it for their own selfish interests.  The Bush sons claimed so much for their dad in integrity and I believe he has displayed such throughout his life.  But right now, when America needs that family most, they have fallen down here near the finish line.  Kasich and like 'Never Trumpers' have likewise failed us.

I, too, Welcomed Barack, a mulatto as a President of color.  But the man was not up to enhancing the qualities of the black people's lives, and he dissed any whites he came from.

He soon apologized to the world for America's supposed transgressions.  He , an 
American President, forgot his station and bowed to the king of Saudi Arabia.    He has made so many muslim appointees in our government and has put Christians down or ignored them while welcoming muslims into the White house for worship services, while chasing the bible from our schools and ignoring islamic terrorist beheadings of Christians.  

Hillary Clinton has let us know that she will continue with the leftist extremist pleasures of obama, while confidently displaying her smugness in her phony smile.

Donald Trump has proposed many programs to make our country, once easily acknowledged universally as the most generous in adverse times, and which so many service people have died for or become crippled for life for, to guide us to return to that form of greatness.  He, a truly rich man, has worked tirelessly in that direction in his campaigning to be our next President of the United States of America.  

Hillary and Bill, the consumate lying couple are pouring money into her campaign, not to make America great again, but to glorify themselves and their elitist, establishment friends, more comfortable as the leaders of us deplorable citizens.  What difference does it make!

Their Clinton Fund has 'I owe you's'  liberally spread throughout the world, even to our enemies.  She has failed to make courageous or correct decisions throughout her years of selfish service (Follow the Money!) to America.  Benghazi, stealing WH goodies, lying to citizens who lost loved ones, etc., etc.  Their could be no worse person buying the office of president.

Keeping guns from all but the criminal minded, bringing sharia law which will demean all women everywhere, and otherwise serving islamic globalization is not what our nation deserves.  

Wake up Amurica!  Vote Hillary and her ilk out of every American office in November.  You can bet I will!

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