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Monday, January 16, 2017

Free Speech RANT . . . SamKat

Free Speech Concerning Telephone Usage


Customer Service


Sam Kat aka Sam Kegley

This is a RANT!

Telephone usage has to have greatly expanded all over this world during the last fifty years. 

My greatest American President is Ronald Reagan, but I must disagree with his moves to dismantle the giant Bell Telephone conglomerate.  Their expertise was much too watered down in the process of their dismantelling.

Service has deteriorated and the cell phone usage is useful but many times less accessible.

The Bell Telephone Labs could have served us all so much better IMHO (In MY Honest Opinion_- old internet jargon)!

White Page and Yellow Page Directories are rare except for the internet and those ‘services’ all want to charge, not just once, but forever!

Timeliness is even more urgent in today’s world, but calling and getting a “Telephone system” answer is so disheartening.  It might not be so bad if they had a very few choices to get you to a live human being; however, ‘hold’ is often not a short time suggestion!

Companies believe they have saved so much without the operators whom Robert Townsend, once the president of Avis – “We Try Harder” touted so highly in his “Up the Organization” book.  Ben Franklin had a saying often repeated – ‘Penny wise and pound Foolish’.  So apropos about my RANT here!

We elder ex-industrial people expect better!

Customer service for all organizations is even poorer.  We customers of any product or service expect:


When we can we go to a store and pick out our item with on the spot price and delivery.  When the quality or the service deteriorates anywhere, we quit buying the [product or service from that source, many times permanently!

My humble advice for operations is:  “If you offer a product or service do it with INTEGRITY for your best future existence.” 

Beginning NOW would only be wonderful . . .

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