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Thanks Jack!

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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Prejudging by SamKat aka Sam Kegley

Sam Kegley

Prejudging by SamKat aka Sam Kegley
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I want to be part of the right slanted movement in ruling our democratic republic.  I believe the ‘movement’ is by the ‘salt of the earth’ persons who believe in God and the freedoms of citizens of any country.

I will not  prejudge, but I will tell you what I feel in my heart.

The left is sponsored world-wide by George Soros and his accomplices of evil. 

Any left-leaning persons or organizations do not have the well-being of the ordinary citizens of any country as their goal. 

Platitudes abound.

I believed Donald Trump would win when he declared as a candidate for President of the United States of America.  I believed it more after he won the Republication nomination over some fine candidates. 

I believe he entered the campaign trail with a great deal of courage and discovered the movement already in place.  It was then that his courage was enhanced.  It came by the numbers of those ‘salt of the earth’ types accumulating great crowds wherever he spoke.  The Dona;ld fell in love with the people of these crowds and they buoyed up his desires to make America great again.  Hillary mocked this thought saying America is already great.  She realized more popular votes, but the electoral thoughts of our founders resulted in a mandate by the country versus a few very populist locales.

Donald Trump is a pragmatist and God was at work in his life when he wisely selected Mike Pence as his running mate.  Mike, a confessed Christian and the other Trump supporters have come to earnestly and repeatedly express their respect for Mr. Trump.

Soros broke the bank in England and he wants desperately to break wall street and any vestige of Christianity in this world.  His money is influencing the left-leaning media of the world and any group he can lobby or buy to ultimately bring the riches of the world into the hands of the super- rich rulers around the world.

Even in this second day of Donald Trump’s administration, there are demonstrators world-wide against the Trump Administration.  Women marching in places all over the world.  I believe George’s money is involved in the demonstrations. I there any hate involved in saying “I would burn down the white house . . . “ I believe so.

Women should look around at systems other than America’s. What is so desirable about Sharia Law?. Is it preferable to the American constitution?  I don’t think so.  Do Islamic rules permit much in the womens’ favor.  

Most wisdom I have witnessed comes from the right or conservative side of world politics.

When it is wrapped in the goodness of Christianity it is “a shining city on a hill” as one former American president implied.

Yes, I believe all of this and you may think I am wrong, but I say those of the non-prejudicial left should give this administration a chance, at least for this first year.

Sam Kat aka Sam Kegley

With quick and valuable editing by my Honorable Christian Friend, Bob Graham.

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