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Friday, February 10, 2017

David Horowitz - "Left Wing Hate Groups" Book

David Horowitz Freedom Center

Dear Sam,

You may have seen what happened last week when conservative Milo Yiannapolous tried to give a speech at UC Berkeley...

In a portent of things to come, a mob of masked, black-garbed left wing thugs went berserk. U.S. flags were torched, university equipment was destroyed and windows smashed – over $100,000 damage in all. 

Bystanders waiting to hear Milo's speech were attacked with truncheons, one of them bloodied so badly that he lay unconscious on the ground, as the campus police stood by, ordered by administrators not to interrupt the rampage.

It was a scene out of Hitler's Germany – hatred and bloodlust on the loose; hatred at war with free speech and expression; hatred looking for someone to hurt. 

But this shouldn't surprise us. Hatred has always been the lifeblood of the Left. Hate has always been the Left's political homeland and its reason for being. For the Left, hatred is never having to say you're sorry.

And that's why the Freedom Center is excited to announce a new e-book by our own John Perazzo titled Left Wing Hate Groups. 

You see, one of the biggest of the Left's Big Lies is that conservative political groups and movements are universally motivated by hatred – of blacks, Hispanics and other ethnic groups; of homosexuals, transsexuals and other gender minorities; of immigrants, Muslims and others who are "marginalized" and therefore vulnerable. 

This Big Lie is an exercise in what Freud called "projection" and which psychologists define as denying abhorrent emotions in oneself by attributing them to others

There are indeed haters on the Right, but for the most part, they are on its fringe – demented individuals or tiny groups whose political apparatus consists of little more than an obscure post office box and a toxic website. 

For the Left, however, hatred is a mass movement. Left hate groups swim successfully in the American mainstream.

And because of the Left bias in our culture and media, their followers, like those at the women's marches, can posture as idealists and protectors of the downtrodden while spewing hate. For them, hatred is no fault. 

But Left Wing Hate Groups warns about what lies ahead during the next four years – which is why I urgently need your help to get this book into the hands of politicians, law enforcement, concerned media and ordinary citizens. 

Will you make a donation of $25 to help us get this critical information out?

In return for your support, I'll send you a link to Left Wing Hate Groups so you have your own copy.

These groups don't operate in the dark any more than the thugs who trashed UC Berkeley did. 

They spew their hate every day as proud members of the vast left wing network that supported Barack Obama's efforts to "radically transform America" and they've already declared open war on the Trump administration. 

Just look at the Southern Poverty Law Center that raises millions of dollars every year attacking respected conservatives like Charles Murray as "racists" and anti-Islamist intellectuals like Ayaan Hirshi Ali as "Islamophobes..." 

Or how Black Lives Matters hate-filled rhetoric has had deadly consequences for police officers... 

And let's not forget Students for Justice in Palestine, which has become the chief organizer and sponsor of anti-Israel hatefests that have become common occurrences on our campuses! 

You can read about these – and other hate organizations – in Left Wing Hate Groups. Left wing hate is something we will see more of in days to come, as these thugs use Donald Trump's election as an excuse to trash America.

So please follow this link to make a donation of $25 or more to help us get this vitally important e-book into as many hands as possible.

Your support will help warn people about left wing hatred, which will now ratchet up as "progressive" Democrats no longer have control over our political system – AND you'll receive your very own copy. 

Thank you for your vigilance and your help! 

David Horowitz
David Horowitz 

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