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Thanks Jack!

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Thursday, April 13, 2017

North Korea still defiant - Warn of big Thursday event ... Thx Fox News!


North Korea preparing for sixth nuclear test, monitoring group says

North Korea warns of a nuclear attack against the US
North Korea may soon conduct its sixth nuclear test in the face of the United States' decision to move a carrier group toward the region. 
Satellite imagery shows activity at the Punggye-ri testing site, analysts from 38 North, a U.S. research institute that monitors North Korea, wrote on its website Wednesday.
Foreign journalists inside the country were told to prepare for a "big and important event" Thursday, Reuters reported.
The analysts added that there was movement around one of the portals and in the main administrative area of the site as well as personnel seen at the command center.
South Korean officials downplayed any news signs that a test was coming, Bloomberg reported. South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff spokesman Roh Jae-cheon told reporters that Seoul saw no signs that North Korea was preparing any sort of provocative actions. Officials added that Pyongyang has maintained such readiness that it could conduct a missile test without warning, according to Reuters.
Chinese President Xi Jingping told Trump in a phone call Wednesday that he wants a peaceful solution to ending North Korea’s nuclear weapons program and would be willing to work with Washington on the matter.
"China insists on realizing the denuclearization of the peninsula ... and is willing to maintain communication and coordination with the American side over the issue on the peninsula," Xi was quoted as saying by state media.
Trump had warned North Korea Tuesday that he vowed to get Kim Jong –Un’s regime under control with or without China’s help.
Meanwhile, North Korea said Monday it would “hold the U.S. wholly accountable for the catastrophic consequences” if there was any further military action after the USS Carl Vinson arrives in the area of the Korean Peninsula.
The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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In case you weren't keeping up with the news....remember when Kim jong IL....killed his own uncle and fed him to the dogs.????......socialist-communist dictator.......who would dare to speak out?

Trump is gonna sell the Chinese tons and tons of beautiful, clean coal.

I love all U.S. coal miners. Bless you boys. Work safe.
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When a culture becomes so fearful of War that it begins conceding itself in an attempt to avert War, it INVITES a WAR.
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Trump said that he will make all of his products in America with American workers. Then why are all of his products made overseas?
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US is bankrupt.
- QE only fuels bubbles
- currency is manipulated
- hedge-funds do not pay premiums
- pension system is in collapse
- the rich frantically export money to off-shore

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Always use Caution with China and Russia. They Always have "Ulterior Motives".  Compromise and Cooperation always comes with a Price and its usually the U.S. Taxpayer that gets the Shaft.

Looks like the Financial Pressure on Sanctuary Cities is Working. 

When Democrats are posting about kings, why don't they ever mention the most racist king of all:
King ChicaKong?!

Trump needs to get out OUT OF THE UN..
Absolute waste of time and billions of tax dollars.  
When countries use chemical weapons and the leaders 
in the world can't agree this will not be tolerated, it is time to exit the United Nations


After WW1 Europe became soft and 20 years later a small country took it over, if not for America and England Europe would be ruled by a Dictator.  America but for a small part of its population has also become soft.
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Hey Folks...........what do you call 60 Tomahawk Missiles Fired into Baltimore, Ferguson and Chicongo?
Answer: Urban Development
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Obama would have put Syria and North Korea on "Double Secret Probation" and sent  John ''Lurch" Kerry over there in the middle of the Night with Hundreds of Billions of U.S. Taxpayers Dollars and asked them to try and Behave.
There ought to be a new Law. Bring back  "Public Hangings"  for  Incompetent , Corrupt Government Officials and Politicians.


BLM is with Obama on an island owned by Kim.
they are planning their next protest against Americans

Last year Trump held a big press conference and said that he was going to ban all Muslims from the US. Why hasn't that happened?
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Watch for the warning signs of Post Trump Stress Disorder:
- Constantly full diaper
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Nuclear armed countries demand other countries not to have it.


With a thinking process such as yours, you should seek the help of a mental health expert that provides care for a person thinking with a disordered mind.
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@gsaogb We should ensure that nutjobs like your uncle kim don't have nukes....even if we have to nuke them to keep them from it.

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