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We want to be a kinder and gentler people without slavery or condescension to any.

The world seems to be in a time of discontent among the populace. Christians should not fear. God is Love, shown best through Jesus Christ. God is still in control. All Glory to our Creator and to our God!

A favorite quote from my good friend, Jack Plymale, which I appreciate:

"Wars are planned by old men,in council rooms apart. They plan for greater armament, they map the battle chart, but: where sightless eyes stare out, beyond life's vanished joys, I've noticed,somehow, all the dead and mamed are hardly more than boys(Grantland Rice per our mutual friend, Sarah Rapp)."

Thanks Jack!

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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Americans have serious loss of Representation in D.C, !

Americans have serious absence of Representation!

The Democratic party is not what it used to be!
The Demcratic party has ceased caring about America!

The Washington D.C. Swamp has too many Democrats and Republicans who have got into office and stayed too long, representing themselves and their lobbyists!

The voted- ins are not celebrities with privileges they give themselves!  The only they are any better than the average Joe or Jill in America is by representing their constituents which very few of them do today!

They should get in, serve a limited term and then go back home and do their civilian job!  That is what most veterans do!

Good Americans with talent should run for the highest office they can attain!

I am a Tea Party type of guy!  I believe the Tea Party cares more about the USA than either political party!
Evangelical Tea Party types voted for President Trump! 
I believe President Donald Trump and family are courageous to come before this violent country today and attempt to make the country great once more!

If the use of  !  as sentence ending is shouting according to inernet correspondence, I don’t want to a[pologize!

I am shouting!  It is time for most patriotic Americans to get on board and do the right thing in supporting the PUSA and his efforts to revive our failing USA!

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