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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Kaine - A Pope Francis Catholic? ... Thx Dr. Ralph H!

 A Pope Francis Catholic?

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Dear Paul,

Hillary Clinton has selected “devout Catholic” Tim Kaine as her running mate.

Big media (and the Catholic left) is celebrating.

Kaine is the perfect foil for Hillary Clinton’s extremism. He said he was “moved to tears” after hearing Pope Francis speak to Congress. He was a missionary in Honduras. He has fought for racial justice. He speaks Spanish fluently.

But... Tim Kaine has a 100% pro-abortion voting record.

A “Pope Francis Catholic” he is not. 

As a U.S. Senator, Kaine repeatedly voted to block every law aimed at protecting unborn children and their mothers. He has proudly boasted: “I am a strong supporter of Roe v. Wade.” Kaine even voted against banning abortions after 20 weeks -- when science shows unborn children feel pain.

Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards praised Tim Kaine, saying: “This is the strongest reproductive rights ticket we’ve ever had.” 

Catholics can never vote for someone who publicly defends an unlimited right to abortion. And it’s even worse when that politician claims to be Catholic!

Make no mistake: the Catholic vote will be critical in 2016. 

Once again Catholic voters are at the center of an historic national election. We’ve seen this charade before: Joe Biden, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, Mario Cuomo... the list is shamefully long.

And Hillary has gone back to this playbook to select another ‘personally opposed, but…’ pro-abortion Catholic to help sway Catholic voters needed to win.

We can’t let them get away with this! Help us tell Catholics the truth!

The Washington Post has already declared Tim Kaine to be a “Pope Francis Catholic.”

A prominent writer for Reuters asked over the weekend: “Can Kaine help Clinton win the ‘Catholic vote’?

These pundits conclude: the Pope is on the side of Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine. For them, as long as candidates support the Big Government socialist agenda, a Catholic can ignore the Church’s timeless teaching on the need to protect innocent human life.

Ask yourself this:
  • Will Tim Kaine support the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops in their fight to repeal the HHS Mandate that threatens Catholic charities, schools and organizations nationwide?

  • Will Tim Kaine support the Catholic Church in their efforts to pass critical protections for religious liberty, including the First Amendment Defense Act?

  • Will Tim Kaine fight the Obama Administration policy that seeks to strip Catholic social services agencies of grants unless they agree to promote abortion?

  • Does Tim Kaine oppose the ACLU campaign to force every Catholic hospital in America to perform abortions -- or be fined, stripped of Medicare and Medicaid funds, or shut down?
Will he stand with his Bishops? Will he defend the most defenseless? Will he stand with Pope Francis who has said of attacks on innocent unborn children: “It is wrong to look the other way and remain silent.” 

Will Tim Kaine stand up for his Church? 

I think you know the answer. 

The truth is Tim Kaine is a Democrat first. The Catholic Church is under unprecedented attacks today, from our hospitals to our schools. And on every one of these battles, Tim Kaine has been on the wrong side.

I need your help right now to get it done and to reach as many Catholic voters as possible.

Can you chip in $15 to help us expose the truth about Tim Kaine?


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