The Economy Trumps All

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Team of people to save the corporate profit
Britons were threatened with harsh economic sanctions should they vote to pull out of the EU, and many are comparing Brexit to the possibly of a Trump presidency.
What economic horror stories are the political elite threatening the American public with should they vote to make America great again? And how likely are they to become a reality?
It’s an odd question, especially since we would presume that the billionaire real estate tycoon would know a thing or two about global finance.
Trump’s promised to build a better, stronger wall to curtail illegal immigration through Mexico- and to make the Mexican government pay for it.
This would be a good thing for the American economy, especially since- in reality- Trump has nothing disparaging to say about legal immigrants. Not only would we continue to have laborers from south of the border, but we might even get some higher quality Mexican talent.
Part of his plan is to deport 11 million illegals, which would cost approximately $600 billion, and take 20 years to complete.
It’s an ambitious plan, and a costly one, (undoing the damage done by the Obama administration is bound to be expensive), and even critics must admit that in the long run, it will be more economically sound than what we’re doing now- paying benefits for undocumented and illegal workers.
He’s promised to negotiate more shrewdly with China, and other countries, than our foreign policy representatives have been doing. Admittedly, it could be the case that we’ve been electing people with little to no expertise in global finance to deal with international monetary deals.
Trump tells us that these representatives have been laying down for these foreign powers, practically giving our country away in back room deals, largely over guilt of our American history.
Trump also plans to reduce the tax burden on Americans by $10.04 trillion dollars in a bid that would certainly benefit the average working family. Opponents say he hasn’t forwarded a clear plan to pay for these cuts. Trump responds to this by saying he plans to eliminate fraud, waste, and abuse.
It’s difficult for anyone to measure how much fraud, waste, and abuse there is to cut- or how much money eliminating it would save. However, in the last eight years, the federal government has grown exponentially- and the United States has famously become one of the most corruption-ridden countries on Earth.
Even if Trump isn’t saying what waste, abuse, and fraud he intends to eliminate- it may be that he realizes it’s a situation where no one- not even him- can see the forest for the trees.
In other words- there is so much abuse, waste, and fraud, in Washington that Trump probably expects to be able to fund the entire country twice over from the savings he will produce by eliminating it.
Even if Trump is holding his cards close to his chest, there’s very little doubt that a fabulously successful businessman like him could achieve everything he promises in regards to the state of the economy if only everyone in government cooperates.
Therein lies the rub, and the second part of our EU Referendum analogy. Opponents to England leaving the European Union have threatened massive financial upheavals should the Brexit vote go through.
There is little doubt that the cosmically wealthy backers to the EU such as the sinister George Soros, have enough control over the global economy to make the recessions they warned of become a reality. What’s more, we also know that Soros himself has been working just as hard to prevent a Trump presidency as he did to keep England in the EU.
So the question is, if the American people choose Donald J. Trump as the leader of the free world this Fall, will the opposition’s paymasters punish our nation with another engineered recession?
The fact is, they have made the same threats to us as they have to the UK, and there is little doubt that if they believe it is in their best interest- they will do it.
Some have said that global finance has been known to crash economies intentionally, but that while it is in their power- it is not in their style to overuse this move.
Whether or not the likes of George Soros have any style is yet to be seen- but the best predictor of whether or not an artificial recession will follow a Trump victory will be whether or not that very thing happens in the UK in the very near future.
~American Liberty Report