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Thanks Jack!

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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Reagan Reports - Trump and Hillary taking different paths to Monday's Debate 9/26/2016 @9 PM

Donald Trump News
Trump, Clinton Take Divergent Paths Prepping for First Debate
The approach and strategy of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton heading into their first debate are as divergent as the candidates themselves, The New York Times reported.
Clinton is taking the A-student approach, having compiled months of research that will culminate with mock debates all four days heading into Monday night. Trump, on the other hand, has largely eschewed briefs and prep — preferring off-the-cuff responses — and will do a run-through Sunday night only, the Times reported.
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A veteran of nearly 40 debates during her career, Clinton has never dealt with the unpredictability quotient that Trump brings.
To that end, the Times reported that Clinton has multiple people playing the role of Trump in mock debates, preparing for multiple Trumps, not knowing which one might show up.
Meanwhile, Trump prefers not to do 90-minute mock debates.
One similarity is that both campaigns are trying to throw off their candidate. Clinton's debate team hurls insults and attacks at her, preparing for the multiple Trumps they think might show up. Trump's team is getting him prepared for accusations of lying that Clinton is likely to lob.
Which style wins out? It's about substance, writes syndicated columnist Patrick Buchanan: Trump only needs to meet and exceed expectations that are not all that high.
"Specifically, what does Trump need to do? He needs to show that he can be presidential. He needs to speak with confidence, but not cockiness, and to deal with Clinton's attacks directly, but with dignity and not disrespect. And humor always helps," Buchanan said.
It will all unfold Monday night at 9 p.m. on NBC at Hofstra University.
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