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Thanks Jack!

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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Substitute Teaching as an Octogenarian . . . SamKat aka Sam Kegley

Substitute Teaching as an octogenarian

I am substitute teaching many days now in the Westerville area as close to home as possible.  I learn things about the individual schools and the students of ages 10 through 19.  The maturity levels stand out by age progression and that reflects good homes and good teaching to me.

I also like to check out the library and I found an extremely prominent and visible post for our students to read in one high scholl library this week. It was a map of the USA with the heading: “Active Hate Groups” in the United States.  This was from 2010 and it listed 892 such groups, which surprising to me, included groups with Christian Identity – although last on the list.  The list was compiled from law cases pursued by the “SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center)”.

I searched a little later and found that the SPLC was started by Julian Bond.  They are a liberal group of lawyers.

Now, I must agree that bombing of abortion centers is a criminal act; however, the abortion centers themselves are criminal acts to this Christian Conservative American.  Two wrongs don’t make things right.

I wish there existed prominent maps  of “Active Love Groups”.  It should be dominated by Christian groups such as Salvation Army and Catholic and Protestant churches.  The liberal politicians and press have seen to it that those groups get no press coverage and many schools don’t want to impress our students with the positive good in the USA.

I love association with the students and I love seeing how they are nourished in our various schools.  I only recently began subbing, but I have taught at Delaware, Olentangy, Gahanna and Westerville elementary to high school levels.  I have part time taught as an adjunct at CSCC for over forty years in engineering, manufacturing and mostly math subjects. 

I remain impressed by young American students, but I admit to not enjoying any incident of leftist influence our national media and too- long- in- control leftist progressive politicians and national media wield upon them in not at all subtle ways.

I was in an Olenttangy Middle school library yesterday and found no such prominant signs.

The quiet majority still exists and I am not ashamed tpo tout those types in  the American society.

SamKat aka Sam Kegley

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