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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Ramey "Sonny" Hoskins - Coincidental Acquaintance "Juanfen"

January 11. 2017

Coincidental Acquaintance  -  “juanfen”

I have begun substitute teaching for Escco.org, which includes a few northeastern Franklin and Delaware school districts.  I finished yesterday at Olentangy Orange Middle School and, unawares, left by a different entrance.  The school busses were lined up to return the students home and it did not appear familiar as to my parking area.  After a little of my  confusion, the busses pulled out and only two teachers and myself remained.  One was so nice in approaching me to inquire of my apparent mystery.  She walked me back into the building to show me the way to the visitors’ lot. 

Nice people always pull on Jeanie’s and my own heart strings when they show infectious smiles.  I told her the quick ‘line’ Jeanie and I have often repeated to waitresses or new acquaintances:

“Is your mother still living?  If yes, one of us will say: I am accusing her.  That always gets a questionable return.  Our response is:  She gave you pills when you were only so big, using our hand to show a one or two-year-old in height.  What pills? Is the inevitable response of the surprised person.  Nice Pills is our answer.  The person smiles again and we say it shows in your smile.  Please continue doing it all of your life.”

I might add to ‘tell your mother if you see her”.  . . (sadley, Mrs. Hoskins’ mother had passed), that a ‘young curly-headed fellow accused her (I am eighty-four and bald and sometimes must remove my hat to verify).

Well, after this long segue’ for my few readers here, in my having this chance after-school encounter yesterday, I asked the young teacher her name.  Hoskins, she replied.  I knew Hoskins in southern Ohio- Portsmouth, I said.  I know Hoskin’s there she told me, in fact you may have known Ramey Hoskins.

With my mouth agape, I said:  I certainly do!  Ramey was a favorite contributor to my www.skegley.blogsspot.com SamKat blog.  I was so saddened in October 2015, when another Portsmouth friend sent me his obituary from the Portsmouth Daily Times.  I had worked with Ramey at Goodyear Atomic Corporation and began emailing with him when I began my blog in August 2008.

I could not have anticipated this young teacher’s response.  She is the wife of Tim (I believe) Hoskins, Ramey’s son. 

I looked up “serendipity” by computer thesaurus, which I had understood was ‘the happy finding of something you weren’t searching for when on a different quest’.  I searched further and found “juanfen” which better suited this occasion.

I, in my very humble, heterosexual self, openly declared to her that “I love Ramey “Sonny” Hoskins!  He gave me so many good Christian Conservative emails and allowed me to use them in my blog.  I really miss the guy!

If you Southern Ohioans had not met him, you missed out in knowing an intelligent and very good person.

I still consider myself quite lucky in my life’s acquaintances, especially Jeanette Weddington, “Jeanie” or “Beautiful” to whom I have been married sixty-five years this nineteenth, just a week from today.

Cut it out, you lucky emotional dog, Sam Kegley!

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