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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

CIA official leaks obma's plans to destroy America ... Thx Paul C!

Subject: CIA Official Leaks Obama’s Plans To Destroy America – What Should Happen to Obama? - Tea Party News

CIA Official Leaks Obama’s Plans To Destroy America – What Should Happen to Obama?

(Angry Patriot) – Speaking out against the Democrat party, especially Obama or Hillary, can put you at great risk. You could lose your career, or even your life.
According to former FBI official Clare M. Lopez, former president Barack Obama changed course in the war on terror. She describes how the effort of previous administrations was to eliminate Sharia Law, while the Obama administration allied itself with jihadist groups and the Muslim Brotherhood. (via Yes I’m Right)
The policies of the Obama administration never made any sense. They just didn’t seem designed to help the American people. However, when you evaluate Obama’s policy with the assumption that he was working for the Muslim Brotherhood, everything adds up.
Clare Lopez claims that the Muslim Brotherhood was able to successfully infiltrate every level of the Obama White House.
Ms. Lopez started her career in the CIA as an operations officer, where she became an expert in the field of counterintelligence. Since leaving the agency, she has become a private consultant and professor at the Center for Counterintelligence and Security Studies.
As an expert in the field, her analysis carries a great deal of weight. She contends that former President Obama was acting on behalf of the forces of Islam. When Obama withdrew American forces from Iraq, he was doing exactly what Osama bin Laden desired.
Obama withdraw American power from the Middle East and allowed the Muslim Brotherhood, and countries like Iran, to grow in power. Lopez does not desire another war in Iraq, but she describes how the goals of the Obama administration tended to align directly with the goals of Muslim extremists.
Clare Lopez claims that ISIS is a creation of the Obama administration and is supported by countries in the Middle East. Iran and Saudi Arabia arm jihadists in an attempt to destabilize their enemies, but they created a monster with ISIS that is now out of their control.
Further, many of Obama’s appointments have close connections to the Muslim Brotherhood. He appointed Mohamed Elibiary to a high ranking position within the Department of Homeland Security Advisory Council. Elibiary has officially supported partnering with the Muslim Brotherhood. He has also advocated for a caliphate in the Middle East.
Another curious appointment was Obama’s FBI director John Brennan. Brennan has lived in the Middle East and is fluent in Arabic. It has been reported that Brennan kept an Islamic prayer mat in his office and was suspected to be a Muslim convert.
Clare Lopez proves that President Trump was right about the Obama administration. Not only did Obama create ISIS, but he collaborated with terrorist groups and helped them grow.
Now, President Trump has inherited a mess in the Middle East that is worse than ever before. Obama aided the terrorists, and now Trump has to destroy what Obama created.

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