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Monday, April 10, 2017

Silvan Zingg Dancin' The Boogie

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1:15 / 2:48

"Dancin' The Boogie" - by Silvan Zingg Boogie Woogie Piano ♫ ♪ ♫ Will & Maéva Dancers

Uploaded on Sep 15, 2006
Tune title "Dancin' The Boogie" (composer and performer Silvan Zingg, SUISA copyright) Download on itunes: http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZ... Switzerlands pianist Silvan Zingg (http://www.silvanzingg.com). Nuno Alexandre on bass. Simon Shuffle Boyer on drums. Dancing by world champions (2005-2008-2009-2010) french Boogie Woogie dancers William Mauvais and Maéva Truntzer. Recorded on August 7th, 2004 at LaRoquebrou Festival (F). Visit also Silvan Zingg's International Boogie Woogie Festival in Switzerland: http://www.boogiefestival.com Next Fest: 21st-23rd April 2017 in Lugano!
Beth Miletti
This was the dance of my era. I never missed a boogie. Now I can't even bowl.
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+David Deutsch ~ The 'Lindy Hop' was the original swing dance, derived from the 'Charleston' of the 20s. All the other swing dances - Jitterbug, Jive, Boogie, West Coast Swing, etc., are all regional/cultural deviations of the Lindy. They were born in the US, and brought to Europe by the GIs during WWII, where they are still wildly popular.
Beth Miletti
No the Lindy Hop was the jitterbug. It started in NY then all over. Now it is the Calif. swing.
The kids are possibly the best dancers I have ever seen. The piano player is something else. This music is from an era when people knew how to dance and musician knew how to play. Don't get music and dancing like this anymore. All we get now is no soul crap music. Don't understand why 253 people don't like this. Must be blind and tone deaf. Just keep this music and dancing coming. Thank you for posting this video.
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redneck44056 Thanks for the comment. Silvan
Joseph Izzo
Yeah, this was done at the Boogie Woogie Championship, I believe. Silvan [the man playing] is the reigning champ and the kids dancing are some of the best in the world so this is literally a world class performance.
I have watched this hundreds of times. This is the cure for the overweight population in the US. Swing Dancing! No fat on these two.
robert cine
Her Footwork Is Amazing!
+robert cine You mean footjob? Erm...
bruce werner
I agree completely---amazing thing to watch, enjoyable.
Whenever I am in a bad mood I watch this video. It always fixes me up.
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Ron Crooker
I know a young fella from the northeast USA who went to Texas in the southwest and met up with a sweet young Texas gal. He was a slow dance, waltz type dancer - she liked to two-step to country and western music. They went to a few corrals down in Texas - dance halls - and he learned to two-step. Once in awhile the band played the Tennessee Waktz and they waltzed. Then they learned the Jitterbug - and did their gig to Chubby Checkers and Bill Haley, including some boogie woogie - that ol' 8-to-the-bar go-getter. They could move those legs well, but not as well as most other more experienced jitter-buggin' fools. But it was fun. They finally married. He was Ron, she was Shirley. We celebrated our 60th anniversary last January, 2014. Here's one of the best boogie woogies I've seen, and there are a lot of good ones. Enjoy...
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Carole von Aarberg
Pity, the joy of dance!  Well, hang in there and maybe you'll get a great-great grand kid who dances.  (I waltz, don't boogie, but I love it.)
Ron Crooker
+Carole von Aarberg 14 grand children and 8 great grand children. None jitterbug, none know the Texas two step - nice ballad and country dance, - and none know the romantic waltz. They have their own dance methods I suppose - which do not appeal to my sense regarding the joy of dance. Shirley and I dance not too often now - too many grandkids and great grandkids behind us. One of us is getting old!  Of course just yesterday my friend Miss Clairol and I turned Shirley's soft silver into strands of gold - like it used to be...
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c William
Dawn Els
AWESOME!!!! and now my giggles turned to a big laugh when I remember some friggin old fart once commented 'too many notes' on a piece I composed - I guess not many folks really know how to play piano using all their fingers, especially their hearts and souls. When you play piano and others can dance with it, then you're good, the best!! Dancing is also an interpretation of the actual music. I was born this way, feeling it, knowing it.
ken Oraboni
Amazing to say the least, the gal is so good , the guy is amazing, Silvan cant not be matched
wolfgang schmittenhammer
Damn wished I would have done this when I was young, just tears me up to watch it!  Two thumbs up for the dancers and the piano player!  If I had more thumbs they would be up too..
An awesome performance, indeed. Makes my day! a fabulous job! <3 yt-formatted-string="">
Mike Itzenhuiser
If you want to dance to a Boogie Woogie properly, you dance exactly the way these two do it. If you notice, the young man dances mostly with his legs and keeps his shoulders still. That's some awesome dancing and piano playing.
never seen anything like this, blew me away awesome
Military Veteran
The piano player IS AWESOME! He IS a MASTER, And after staring at BOTH the female and the male's FEET, they TOO ARE Masters! :-D 💝 GOD gave ALL three of them Such LOVELY Talents to share with us! They ARE ALL having FUN (NOT being Negative AND BiTTER), ALL 3 Are Enjoying their LOVELY GOD-Given Talents! Me & My Opinion say they ARE The Best Boogie Woogie Dancers on ANY Y.T. video! 💝 :-) 💝 :--) WOW, Just Look at those FAST FEET, And that piano player---- LOVELY ARTISTS & LOVELY People! 💝 :-)
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Military Veteran thank you
fantastic music and phenomenal dancing!
Fantastic !!!  watch it  all the time !
Rudolf Feindler
Who could sit still and just watch and listen? This is just electrifying. Silvan plays incredibly well and Will & Maéva are the most talented Boogy dancers I've ever watched. But the girl just takes the cake. It seems as if she hardly touches the floor. They truly are a feast for the eyes and the ears!
Joe Blattner
I love this sooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!
Hilary C
Once upon a time when men actually knew how to give a girl a good time on the dance floor. 
Heino Rodemund
The dancers are Maeva Truntzer & William Mauvais from France. They perform and teach and are easy to find in search engines. Lately, they switched to Lindy Hop and, as you may expect, had great success with this too.

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