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Thanks Jack!

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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Hens are chasing Fox From Fox News ... SamKat aka Sam Kegley

Hens are chasing Fox from Fox News House

Obama hated Fox News. 

He wanted the conservative news completely stopped to facilitate the Leftist socialistic political side he promoted so well while in office.

He and Hillary have remained fairly quiet while the liberal media and all other Democratic leftists have been crying their eyes out since November 8, 2016.

Roger Aisles was put off the Fox team he so aptly built. Recently Fox got rid of O’Reilly’.  Chris Wallace has always been a Democrat, yet has been a dependable Fox Journalist with pointed interviews which brought out many conservative truths in the news.  I detect a shift in his journalism.

Fox still has excellent and capable people; however, the programming is slipping, primarily in prime evening scheduling. 

Former FBI Director Comey excused Hillary of “no intent” in her extremely careless handling of secret material in her emails.

I once had top secret clearance as an engineer employee of a major government contractor, and I took it very seriously.  Would a violation on my part have been dismissed because of an FBI suspicion of “no intent”?  I don’t think so!  Each of our employees received extensive FBI investigations before we could even join the company.

Leftists were castigating Comey a week ago, but are now shedding tears over his firing.

President Trump has done so much in his first days in office that America badly has needed since Obama’s disastrous eight years in office.  Curing the USA’s dire needs only infuriates the sore losing democrats.

I have joined O’Reilly’s premier membership to receive his podcasts.  I very much miss him on Fox News !  I hope I am very wrong in detecting Fox’s left turn.  We conservatives need a strong conservative news, especially in the visible left spin of all news from the national media.

I feel like a member of the French Resistance movement in World War II. I sincerely pray that my above suspicions of Fox News turning left are very wrong! 

SamKat aka Sam Kegley

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