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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Comie opens Investigation - Trump Csn Win ... Thx Reagan Reports!

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to me

Donald Trump News
Special from Newsmax.com
FBI Bombshell Means Trump Can Beat Hillary!
The shocking FBI disclosure about the new probe into Hillary’s emails – stored on the laptop of her top aide Huma Abedin, the same one used by her husband, sexting maniac Anthony Weiner – has sent shock waves through the political establishment.
This is not news for reader of Dick Morris’ hit book Armageddon: How Trump Can Beat Hillary.
Armageddon has been 12 weeks on the New York Times list – and the bestselling book of the election.
For good reason: Armageddon revealed that Hillary’s emails would likely be the “smoking gun” of the campaign – and would likely prove to be Hillary’s undoing.
Now polls show Hillary is in deep trouble.
Even before the bombshell FBI revelation, both the ABC News and Fox News tracking polls show Trump has cut Hillary’s lead to “within the margin of error.”
As Dick Morris explains, “Bluntly, this means Trump can win!”
Morris reveals Trump’s final stretch plan. It’s all in Armageddon.
If you have not read it you must now.
Newsmax calls it the “most important exposé on Hillary’s record.”
As Dick Morris argues, all Trump needs to do is point to Hillary’s long, sordid and very liberal record.
Armageddon is the most powerful indictment of Hillary ever written.
Even if she were to win the White House, Armageddon will be the handbook for any citizen concerned about stopping her radical agenda.
Dick Morris argues that Trump and his supporters must focus on Hillary’s shocking record – from out-and-out lies and the cover-up over her email server, to the tragedy of Benghazi – which the big media has been trying to ignore and sweep under the carpet!
For 20 years Dick Morris was one of Hillary’s closest confidantsand advisers.
He knows her darkest secrets.
He not only reveals them in Armageddon – but he has accurately predicted almost her every move against Trump.
Dick warned of Hillary’s “October surprise” against Trump.
It is now clear that the “Access Hollywood” video tape of Trump was known to NBC executives for almost 10 years!
They held it back and released it at the critical moment in an attempt to destroy Donald Trump!
But Trump, Morris argues in Armageddoncan deflect such attacks and turn the tables against her.
This election is the ultimate battle between good and evil.
There’s a reason Armageddon has become the #1 bestselling book of the election season!
Armageddon is at bookstores everywhere, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million and Sam’s Club!
Or you can check out Newsmax’s FREE Offer for Armageddon – a value of $30 – More Info Here
On Tuesday, November 8, 2016, American voters will make a momentous decision.
They will decide whether or not this great country will remain a free market, constitutional democracy. The stakes could not be higher.
If Hillary Clinton is elected president, it will mean the end of the America we know and love.
In Armageddon, Morris offers a manual on how the forces of good can win this battle.
If you love Donald Trump, you need to get this book and share it with friends and family.
If you oppose him, you need to find out what Dick Morris is saying.
Even if “President Hillary” becomes a reality – Armageddon will become the blueprint for every conservative who wants to stop Hillary’s radical agenda.
Now, in Armageddon, Morris shows Hillary's opponents how they can take advantage of her many vulnerabilities — to elect a president who wants to make America a great nation again.
Armageddon is at bookstores everywhere – get it, read it and share it!

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